Craig Hangars March 2021 Update

March 5th, 2021

Jacksonville Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association continues to make progress towards realizing new hangars at Craig for personal aircraft storage. In January we entered a formal agreement with JAA. We have just completed an extensive process of contractor selection and formally engaged a firm to complete the site due diligence and preliminary engineering.

We have had many questions as to the exact layout, facilities and hangars available. The engineering work that we will complete over the next 8 weeks will bring us to a place where we will have better answers to these questions and more. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through this complicated process. We also appreciate the words of support and encouragement.

We have received questions regarding reserving hangars. At this time we do not have a formal list as we wish to complete our due diligence and gain confidence in the viability of the project before moving to this step. If you are receiving these notices by email, you have completed the hangar survey and will continue to get these notices.

We will contact you via email when we are ready to proceed. You don’t have to do anything further at this time.

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