Craig Airport Pilots Association Goals

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  • Share information about Airport operations, Social events and Flying in General

From David Cristol

Jacksonville Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association is pleased to announce more progress on realizing new hangars at Craig. We are wrapping up our due diligence period and have learned a great deal about the land and the constraints involved. I am sharing our current concept layout so that everyone can see the current plan. The hangars will be conveniently located off A3 which provides for quick runway access.

The current design provides for three different size hangars. Please note the hangar sizes shown are approximate and will likely vary as we source the actual buildings. All hangars will be box type with bifold doors. There will be 8 small hangars which will be 48’ wide by 41’ deep. There are 4 medium hangars which will be 56’ wide by 52’ deep. There are 4 large hangars which will be 65’ wide by 62’ deep. Additionally there is one very large hangar which has already been allocated.

We have emphasized having hangars that have wide doors to accommodate the current generation of aircraft. We also have designed 79’ wide taxi lanes to increase safety and make maneuvering easier. The design also incorporates an air conditioned common space with bathrooms. We are finalizing the hangar designs but expect to have modern bi fold doors as well as other features consistent with modern high quality hangars.

We have submitted this concept to JAA. In the next few months we will begin taking reservations for specific hangar units. We plan to take reservations on a first come first serve basis. Reservations will require a small refundable deposit which will hold your choice of hangar. We want the process to be as transparent as possible and will provide details as to how to participate in advance of the reservation process.

In our next updates we hope to be able to provide an estimate of the hangar costs, timing and more details about the hangars. We do understand that some people wish to have the ability to finance a unit and we are working towards providing these options as well.

As always I am available to answer any questions you may have. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the many details to move this project forward.

Hangar site plan

Bragg Avionics is hosting an event on May 14 at 6PM. They have always been excellent in the past. See details below and don't forget to RSVP (RSVP to Info@braggavionics.com or 904-564-1717).

The Bragg Avionics Team had such a wonderful time meeting with all of you at our December 2020 event, that we’ve decided to host another event this month. We will have displays, demonstrations, and information available on avionics products by various manufacturers. These include Garmin, Aspen, Avidyne, Appareo, S-Tec, JPI, and UAvionix (skyBeacon & tailBeacon).

The evening will begin with an FAA Safety Meeting and a presentation by Mike Bragg at 6:00pm. WINGS credit is available for attending the Safety Meeting. A Spring Celebration will follow. Please include your significant other, friends, and fellow aviators. Refreshments will be served.

DATE: Friday, May 14th
TIME: 6:00pm (Doors open at 5:30pm)
WHERE: Bragg Avionics
882 Bragg Avenue. (Craig Airport)
Jacksonville, FL. 32225

(Directions: Enter JAXEX/Craig Airport from St. Johns Bluff Road; take 2nd left onto Bragg Avenue; from parking area, enter through walk-in gate.)

We ask that you RSVP to Info@braggavionics.com or 904-564-1717 if you plan to attend. This will allow us to better prepare for the event.

We hope you will join us!

Bragg Avionics Team

From David Cristol

Hangar Survey Work 2021

Spring is upon us and we continue to make progress on the hangar project. Some of you may have noticed activity on the land. Our team has been out drilling holes, studying the soil, surveying the land and confirming the utilities. As this work is completed reports are slowly rolling in and we continue to gain confidence in the viability of the project.

With the completion of a fresh survey we have refined our concept layouts and will be moving forward to present these to JAA once we have all of our data. We also continue to research hangar and door vendors. We received good feedback from some of you and appreciate the interest and comments.

Jacksonville Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association continues to make progress towards realizing new hangars at Craig for personal aircraft storage. In January we entered a formal agreement with JAA. We have just completed an extensive process of contractor selection and formally engaged a firm to complete the site due diligence and preliminary engineering.

We have had many questions as to the exact layout, facilities and hangars available. The engineering work that we will complete over the next 8 weeks will bring us to a place where we will have better answers to these questions and more. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through this complicated process. We also appreciate the words of support and encouragement.

We have received questions regarding reserving hangars. At this time we do not have a formal list as we wish to complete our due diligence and gain confidence in the viability of the project before moving to this step. If you are receiving these notices by email, you have completed the hangar survey and will continue to get these notices.

We will contact you via email when we are ready to proceed. You don’t have to do anything further at this time.


Hello All,

I have had a few request to store aircraft in the 607 hangar. I will start letting those place their aircraft in the hangar starting this morning at 9am. We will close and lock up the hangar at 3:30pm today and it will not be open until 7am Monday, weather permitting. If you choose to place your aircraft in the hangar an authorize signature is require on a hold harmless prior to placing the aircraft inside. I've attached this hold harmless with this email. On Monday once the hangar is open, please make sure your aircraft is removed within 24 hours. If you have a question about these conditions, give me a call.


Brad Martin ACE

I am sure this will not come as a surprise to anyone, but at this time we do not plan to hold the April 18th BBQ. Many people have provided input on the event and I want to thank all of them. On the bright side we have most of the planning done so when we have the all clear, will get this back on the schedule.

Stay safe, as pilots we practice risk management and decision making every flight, now is the time to apply that knowledge to making sure our families, neighbors and communities are safe. Looking forward to when we can all get together again.

While we are not planning any in person events events in the near future, CAPA has become a network to communicate through our community. If anyone has a need to communicate among us please reach out and one of our admins or I can help with this or join us on Facebook.

Many of our email list is already on our Facebook group. If you are not, I encourage you to join as this has some additional traffic, some of it is even interesting. "Craig Airport Pilots Group" You must ask to join but we usually get most people in within the hour if done at a reasonable hour.

David Cristol

GPS Testing area

The Navy will be doing some GPS interference testing off the coast from January 16th through January 24th. Here is a link to the FAA notam.

GPS testing is scheduled as follows and may result in unreliable or unavailable GPS signal.

A. Location: Centered at 304514N0802321W or the CRG VOR 074 degree radial at 63NM.

B. Dates and times (Dates and times are based on GMT (Z).): 16 JAN 20 1200Z – 2100Z 17 JAN 20 1330Z – 1700Z 18 JAN 20 1700Z – 2359Z 23 JAN 20 1200Z – 2359Z 24 JAN 20 1130Z – 2359Z

C. Duration: Each event may last the entire requested period.


E. Pilots are encouraged to report anomalies in accordance with the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) paragraphs 1-1-13 and 5-3-3.

IMC club is Tuesday January 14th at 6PM. Now that everyone is rested up from New Years, time to focus on training again. Remember IMC club is for everyone (Students to ATPs and even the curious non pilot). Go ahead and RSVP so Meredith knows about how many are coming. https://www.holladayaviation.com/eaa-imc-club/

Starting to think about 2020 and what we should do as a group. I plan to have a least one hangar Coffee, we have had one each previous year. The BBQ was fun so we will try another one before it gets too hot. What other ideas do you have that you would participate in?

I started a discussion on our facebook group but if you are not on FB, please reply to this email with your thoughts.

Feeling bad because you meant to RSVP to the Holiday party this Saturday (December 7) at Craig and forgot? All is not lost, reply to this email and we will add you to the list. We just need to get a count of attendees so we have enough food.

BTW Thank you to all those that have already RSVP'd, you all can ignore this email.

We are providing Burgers, Hot Dogs and Drinks (Soda and water). We also will have condiments, plates and plastic-ware. Please consider bringing a side or dessert to share.

Party is Saturday, 11 AM - 2 PM (1600Z-1900Z), at Durkeeville Hangar 6307. For those not familiar, Durkeeville is the first right after you enter the airport. Go to the gate and we will let you in (the secret password is FEED ME). Please park such that you don't block the road or any hangars and as always be careful. As for finding the exact hangar, look for the people standing around making food.