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GPS Testing area

The Navy will be doing some GPS interference testing off the coast from January 16th through January 24th. Here is a link to the FAA notam.

GPS testing is scheduled as follows and may result in unreliable or unavailable GPS signal.

A. Location: Centered at 304514N0802321W or the CRG VOR 074 degree radial at 63NM.

B. Dates and times (Dates and times are based on GMT (Z).): 16 JAN 20 1200Z – 2100Z 17 JAN 20 1330Z – 1700Z 18 JAN 20 1700Z – 2359Z 23 JAN 20 1200Z – 2359Z 24 JAN 20 1130Z – 2359Z

C. Duration: Each event may last the entire requested period.


E. Pilots are encouraged to report anomalies in accordance with the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) paragraphs 1-1-13 and 5-3-3.

IMC club is Tuesday January 14th at 6PM. Now that everyone is rested up from New Years, time to focus on training again. Remember IMC club is for everyone (Students to ATPs and even the curious non pilot). Go ahead and RSVP so Meredith knows about how many are coming. https://www.holladayaviation.com/eaa-imc-club/

Starting to think about 2020 and what we should do as a group. I plan to have a least one hangar Coffee, we have had one each previous year. The BBQ was fun so we will try another one before it gets too hot. What other ideas do you have that you would participate in?

I started a discussion on our facebook group but if you are not on FB, please reply to this email with your thoughts.

Feeling bad because you meant to RSVP to the Holiday party this Saturday (December 7) at Craig and forgot? All is not lost, reply to this email and we will add you to the list. We just need to get a count of attendees so we have enough food.

BTW Thank you to all those that have already RSVP'd, you all can ignore this email.

We are providing Burgers, Hot Dogs and Drinks (Soda and water). We also will have condiments, plates and plastic-ware. Please consider bringing a side or dessert to share.

Party is Saturday, 11 AM - 2 PM (1600Z-1900Z), at Durkeeville Hangar 6307. For those not familiar, Durkeeville is the first right after you enter the airport. Go to the gate and we will let you in (the secret password is FEED ME). Please park such that you don't block the road or any hangars and as always be careful. As for finding the exact hangar, look for the people standing around making food.

The Short Field Landing Contest will now be held on Sunday November 17, 2019.

Rain and low clouds are forcing us to move the Young Eagles/Landing Contest to this Sunday the 17th.

You should be notified directly if you were involved but if not, consider yourself notified. All timing to remain the same, just come a day later.

From: David Cristol

Many great events coming up! IMC club will feature Mike Bragg discussing ADS B on Tuesday Nov 12.

We have Young Eagle and the Landing contest Saturday November 16. We still need pilots, if you are EAA qualified, please sign up to fly some Young Eagles. We also have slots available to participate in the Landing contest.

The Holiday get together is Saturday December 7, 11-2. It will be a combo of grilling out and people bringing side dishes. Let us know if your coming and contact me at craigpilots@gmail.com I am also looking for someone who wants to present at next months trip talk? Did you take a great flying vacation or cross country and want to share the flight and destination. Contact me at craigpilots@gmail.com so we can schedule.

Our Facebook group can be found at this link.

Short Field Landing Contest November 16, 2019.

Rules and information about the Short Field Landing Competition can be found here, and you can enter the contest by filling out this form.

Watch the Facebook Group and Website for more information as well. We have a volunteer signup form if you would like to volunteer.

From Brad Martin;


Dorian is expected to impact our area late Sunday or early Monday morning. JAXEX will make available Hangar 607 for aircraft on a first come basis Friday at 8am till 5pm. Please only use this option with the understanding that Tuesday morning would be the earliest the Hangar would reopen. Also those wanting to use the hangar will need to have the owner or an authorized representative sign a Hold Harmless agreement (attached) prior to placing aircraft in hangar. Please note type of aircraft and tail number at the bottom of the hold harmless form. You can scan the form back to me via email or bring the form by the office, you can slide under the door if no one is in.


Brad Martin ACE

Dorian Track

From: Brad Martin

We have another Food Truck Friday coming up. Had a good crowd last week, we'll see if it's the same this week. The El Chamo Criollo food truck did well last week, he's coming back again, Gator Wings & Things will be the other truck. I've attached a flier to post.


Brad Martin from Jaxex just forwarded us the following recommendations on flying through are local airspace.

Issued: 07/31/2019 1821 (UTC)
Jacksonville Tower
Effective: 08/05/2019 1200 (UTC)
Letter to Airmen: LTA-JAX-9
Subject: Recommended VFR Routes within JAX Approach Airspace
Cancellation: 08/05/2021 1200 (UTC)


Congested airspace and hot spots, or areas of frequent conflict, have been identified within the confines of Jacksonville (JAX) approach control. Suggested routes for VFR arrivals, departures, and overflights within JAX airspace are outlined. It is also recommended that areas of frequent congestion (also defined in “Figure 1”) are avoided when not in direct communication with air traffic control (ATC).

  1. Atlantic coast, from St.Augustine (SGJ), to the Brunswick/Jekyll Island (SSI/JKL) area North of Jacksonville approach:

    A) Using the coastline to navigate North/South is preferred. JAX arrivals from the North, East, and South are naturally de-conflicted from this area. B) Due to the North-South flow of traffic in Florida, IFR aircraft exchanged between approach control and center sectors typically do not comply with the standard North/East-bound “odd” and South/West-bound “even” altitudes. It is recommended that VFR aircraft along the coast (depicted in Area 1) maintain an ODD altitude plus 500 feet Northbound, and an EVEN altitude plus 500 feet Southbound while in JAX approach control airspace. C) Prohibited Area 50 (P50) should be avoided below 3,000MSL. Overflights around Fernandina Beach airport (FHB) passing East of the airport are in a better position, as skydiving aircraft typically climb to the West of the field. The final approach course for RWY32 at CRG (See: JEVAG) is heavily congested with flight training. D) It is suggested that, at a minimum, aircraft monitor the frequencies depicted in “Figure 2.”

  2. Eastern Nassau, Duval, and St. John’s counties from St.Augustine to Fernandina Beach:

    A) High density pilot training. Aircraft can contact JAX approach on 124.9 or 132.77 in the vicinity of CRG, and 120.75 just North of St.Augustine. It is suggested that aircraft avoid loitering over the extended finals for RWY 32 at CRG and RWY 13 at SGJ when not in direct communication with JAX approach. B) It is recommended that CRG departures avoid turning into the NIP RWY 28 final.

  3. JAX RWY 26 Final, FHB, P50:

    A) Southbound FHB departures are a conflict for JAX arrivals to RWY 26 (when JAX is on a West operation). When practical, aircraft are advised to depart on a Southeast-bound heading and contact approach on 124.9.

    B) Northbound FHB departures use caution to avoid Prohibited Area 50. IFR departures, especially high- performance aircraft, are encouraged to obtain an IFR release via the FHB GCO, or by dialing JAX approach at (904)741-0284. C) North/Southbound overflights are advised to avoid this area when not in direct communication with ATC due to the high volume of jet aircraft arriving/departing JAX.

  4. NAS Jacksonville RWY 28 final, JAX international departure corridor:

    A) The RWY 28 final at NIP is congested with extensive jet aircraft performing training. B) Departures from JAX International are often climbing Southwest or Southeast-bound. It is advised that these departure corridors should be avoided.

  5. JAX international RWY 8 final:

    A) It is recommended that aircraft avoid the extended final for RWY 8 at JAX International, and be aware of the high volume of flight training at NEN, VQQ, and HEG, as well as skydiving / glider activity.

atc recommended routes Figure 1

JAX approach frequencies