April 18 BBQ Cancelled

March 19th, 2020

I am sure this will not come as a surprise to anyone, but at this time we do not plan to hold the April 18th BBQ. Many people have provided input on the event and I want to thank all of them. On the bright side we have most of the planning done so when we have the all clear, will get this back on the schedule.

Stay safe, as pilots we practice risk management and decision making every flight, now is the time to apply that knowledge to making sure our families, neighbors and communities are safe. Looking forward to when we can all get together again.

While we are not planning any in person events events in the near future, CAPA has become a network to communicate through our community. If anyone has a need to communicate among us please reach out and one of our admins or I can help with this or join us on Facebook.

Many of our email list is already on our Facebook group. If you are not, I encourage you to join as this has some additional traffic, some of it is even interesting. "Craig Airport Pilots Group" You must ask to join but we usually get most people in within the hour if done at a reasonable hour.

David Cristol

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